Friday, July 7

From the Album

I shall try and talk you through these photos, apologies for not being able to move them around - I have yet to discover how to do that.

This is Darcy taken this morning just after he had eaten the crows breakfast, hence the smug expression on his face.

The flowers - hollyhocks were also taken this morning, but I am rather disappointed with my composition. I need a tripod and an invisibility cloak, but I do think with photography it's trial and error, and practice.

When I visited Lewis the other week I came across a small coffee table type book on an art gallery in Cologne - anyway there were a lot of 1930's nude "studio" photos which I didn't dislike, and a few self portraits, one in particular of a woman who used a mirror, so you got 2 images. I'm sure she had a timer, but I took that as my inspiration and experimented yesterday. I would have bought the book had it not had a huge photo of a mans you know what, when you opened the book up it went straight to that page! You'll have to excuse the disgusting bathroom shelf in between - there's nothing embarrassing on the shelves by the way,just anti-wrinkle creams (me) and cold remedies (husband).It's just the shelves themselves - came with the house!

And lastly my new Birkenstocks which I refer to as my glamour shoes, they make me feel all girly. If you were to see my sad assortment of foot wear you'd understand.

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  1. Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.


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