Thursday, July 6

Neighbourhood Watch

Darcy on patrol. He's not allowed to stand on the furniture, but sometimes I just can't be bothered to shout,"Sit"plus he's kind of cute when he does it, so if I'm amused by what he's looking at my ultimatum doesn't sound menacing enough.

Bathroom has been purchased with a £240 discount. We shall have to "slip" the builderr something for his efforts.

I don't know what sort of vibes I am giving out at present, but I was casually chatting to one of the grounds men who tend the nearby convalescentt home, and he offered to get me cheap plants from a friend of his,"Not off a back of a lorry or anything" Perhaps I need to accept all these offers and not feel so bloody guilty about everything.

Nurse who took blood from me this morning (after 3 attempts) asked the old chestnut,"What do you do all day" after she discovered I didn't work. I did say, probably to Immogene that the next person to ask me that would be punched in the face. It's such a loaded question, already implying I don't do anything - well that's how I see it, and it's always asked by people who really have no business asking questions like that of me. I felt like telling her she was crap at taking blood, but I didn't of course, I thanked her and left with a huge wad of cotton wool and the NHS's answer to masking tape on each arm. I bruise like a peach.

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