Tuesday, August 29

Pond Love

I have a most revolting pond. It came with the house and was surrounded by the animal equivalent to garden gnomes, most of which I am still unable to get rid of due to their little faces looking at me. It would be like killing them to throw them in a skip (sentimentality could well be the death of me)
Today I have agreed to pay HUNDREDS of pounds for said pond to be cleaned and fitted with a pump and filter. The pump is state of the art, and will apparently be subterranean and is especially popular with old people! This was Peter the pond "Doctor's" sales pitch! It will also look like a WW2 land mine. Once all this has been done I can become a fish foster mother............if I had my way I would give the 3 fish away and fill the pond in, but for some reason my husband has always wanted fish - I guess it must be a man thing............

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