Wednesday, August 30

Wheat Free Challenge

My neighbour was popping round for tea and chat and I usually try and have something to temp - as she is currently wheat free I could only think macaroon, so that is what I did( I only had an hour's notice).

They didn't suffer from the omission of rice flour, but would have been Divine had I remembered to buy rice paper - my favourite bit. As I had a spare egg yoke I made Melting Moments - the two always go together in my opinion. Years ago, and I mean "yester year" years ago women's magazines used to give baking day recipe suggestions; there was consideration for not wasting anything, and economy of the use of the oven - as once upon a time you used to think about how much it was costing to put the oven on.

My husband brought home more blackberries, and so I plan to do stewed apples and blackies, not particularly inspiring, but lovely never the less.

I love this time of year.

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  1. yum!

    i LOVE macaroons...have you ever tried nigella's pistachio ones? i know you'd love them for the colour alone :) think lime white!! the recipe's from domestic goddess but i think you can get it online if you type into google.

    baking is the best thing...therapy that's tasty too & so nice to share. you've got me inspired to do some myself. i'm on the hunt for a cake recipe for my grandma's birthday party so may try something out this evening.

    apples & blackies...pure comfort & autumny all over. x


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