Thursday, August 31


I chose tiles for the bathroom today - to be honest they weren't what I really wanted. They won't set the world alight, well not my world anyway.
I sound ungrateful, I'm not, I'm just not sure about my choice

My choice - Pilkington's Indulgence in white

Lambs ears- a cutting from my last garden - dog proof, don't need watering - a great alrounder in my book.

This would have been a lovely photo, but Harry barks at the camera hence the funny mouth - thanks Harry.
He looks mad - because he is mad!

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  1. i wasn't blown away with the tiles we got for our bathroom either but like you i love the tiles we got for the kitchen...much more important i think! i never even think about them don't be worried about your choice. who'd have thought choosing white tiles could be so difficult?! well i understand COMPLETELY...seemed to amuse the hubby & men who did our bathroom!

    lambs ears are grey velvet. harry is a mad cutie...he must bring you lots of joy. i'd love to have a dog but it took me a long time to convince the hubby to have a cat...i'll wear him down though one day ;)

    have a lovely weekend. i think autumn's here & i'm quite pleased!

    x kelly
    p.s. like the new blog colours...i've had a revamp too...loving the beta version so thanks for the tip!


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