Monday, September 4

Cat Head Count

Early this morning I let my plumber into next door to do a spot of remedial work for my neighbour - well that went without a hitch, but I wanted to make sure none of her 4 cats had escaped, so armed with a saucers of freshly cooked cod I went round -

Cherry and Huxley - check

Can I have some more Auntie?

Little nervous Monkey - check

And last but not least, Dandelion who is a bit on the wild side, but even she seemed happy.

My work here is done - off to paint something.


  1. what a bumper-packed-cat-post!!

    they are lovely...hope you are gave them lots of fuss too :) they must've loved you with such gourmet food bribery!

    today i ordered some FREE A4 wallpaper samples from F&B...what i'll do with them i don't know yet but they're just too good not to have! you need to go look at their website. x

  2. My neighbour (cat mother) has lots of F&B wall paper samples mounted in picture frames and they look very good. I was thinking about sending off for some, but I thought about using them in a collage with some very old pieces of wall paper I have found in this house.
    What about using a deep frame and doing something 3D? Some more wedding mementoes perhaps?

    I spend far too much time on the F&B webby.

    My bathroom is going to be Lime White and Pointing.(left overs)


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