Tuesday, September 5

A Little of What you Fancy

I love coffee. I will only drink real coffee, I don't do instant except under extreme circumstances. I only have one cup per day as a rule, but that one cup has to be good.
After many years of experimenting the coffee I buy time and again is Waitrose's Mountain Blend. I discovered that I like a fairly strong brew, but and here's the important bit mildly roasted beans - that in my opinion is the secret to a great cup of coffee.
The worst coffee I have come across was in New York - not only was it bitter and weak, it brought on dizzy spells every time I tried to drink it.

Coffee, toast with lemon marmalade - I couldn't help myself this morning.


  1. coffee is divine. i like mine mid morning & like you i go for just the one cup but make sure it's the real thing. i normally buy lavazza expresso but i'm off to waitrose this afternoon & might try your recommendation. we have a coffee grinder but i find it a bit of a faff so maybe i'm not the ultimate coffee purist. i do love mine made on the stove in our big pot but today i've gone for the quick cafetiere option (haven't washed up the pot yet from yesterday...i'm not the tidiest!)

    have never been to america. i'd love to go to new york. i think they do the filter thing there a lot? best coffees for me have been in italy :)

    love your photos today. such nice crockery & lemon marmalade..another thing to add to my list! x

    p.s. do you use used coffee grounds on the garden? i was told it was good for lilies in particular so always chuck mine on...saves the kitchen pipe getting blocked up i suppose! i even saw starbucks giving it away in bags in norwich once!

    p.p.s. i'm a tea girl post lunch mostly...earl grey.

  2. i can't believe i typed expresso...that really annoys me when it's said!!! so please accept my correct spelling...espresso (call myself a coffee lover??!)

  3. I put my coffee grind on the garden, but away from anything "important" as I'm not sure if they might kill plants - like you I do it so I don't block my drains up.
    It's interesting how we all have our tea and coffee rituals isn't it?
    My husband bought me a set of 4 mugs (all different colours)from M&S a couple of weeks ago - it's called Ditsy, and the plate is an Emma Bridgewater which I treated myself from Heals in Guildford.
    So pleased to hear you're not the tidiest - my heart sinks when I read blogs banging on about how tidy and ordered they are


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