Wednesday, September 13

Figs not Drains

Despite taking some super drain photos I have been advised not to blog them - readers it's your loss as I find them (bizarrely fascinating) so here instead are some figs which were picked from a neighbours garden this morning.

For those of you not familar with them - the more "spoilt" and split they look, the more succulent they will be - if it looks perfect it's probably not ready for eating.

I love them, and they love me!

Split and oozing - perfect
Worthing which is a few miles up the road used to be the fig capital of England at the turn of the last century.I'm full of facts like this...........


  1. you're going to think me a heathen...the closest i've come to the real thing is a fig roll (YUM!) x

  2. There's nothing wrong with fig rolls (dipped into coffee) - the only reason I am a fig convert is because I had neighbours in my last house that used to grow them - when I've bought them from a supermarket I have been decidedly underwhelmed.


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