Thursday, September 7

Flowers are Lovely

These are my first attempts with my latest baby - my flower loom. I am very pleased with how I am getting the hang of things so quickly, but, my head hasn't got too big as children as young a 4 can do them, probably with their little eyes closed.

I'm going to have a go and the woven ones later.............

Isn't the fabric lovely? It has an almost watercolour feel to the colours. I am making 2 doorstops, one for me and one for Stella, and I think Stella might be making a bag for me in it; she has already made one for herself, and it's much admired in our small circle.

Peter the tiler is tiling the bathroom. Even though I can't get excited about my choice (based on economy rather than love) they are looking wonderful. I do think it's worth getting some one in who knows what they're doing.

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  1. i'm loving your made by hand post! can't wait to see how the finished articles look...the fabric is divine & v vintagey looking...and i love the colours that you've used for the flowers.

    how's the bathroom looking now? i'm sure you must be pleased with it...any F&B on yet? fabulous choice on the colour by the way ;)

    here's to a good creative week ahead for the both of us! x


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