Tuesday, October 17

Rocket Face

I have deleted my profile photo - it seems the fashion to be represented by flowers or a ball of wool etc, so over the next few days I shall search for something that I feel represents a facet of my personality ..... I am starting to have a bit of a chuckle now - I want to shock! but I probably won't - but my subversive self is bubbling to the surface.

Today Stella and I took a trip in a rocket to a big M&S - when I say rocket, I should perhaps explain it was a Renault Megane sports car - the kind of thing young men like. I liked it because it was a nice blue colour and had orange seat belts. Stella liked it because it went very fast, or had the potential to do so; she did put her foot down on a couple of occasions, but going fast makes me tense and prone to bouts of hysterics.

Despite Stella having a stinking cold was on good form, and much laughter was had - especially when we looked at the clothes - Per Una - as Ricky Gervais would say, "They're having a laugh"

Harry standing on our bed on his back legs looking out of the window - he is very nosey.

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