Monday, October 16

Chain Reaction

Last Wednesday after spending a few hours away from home I returned to find the extremely heavy rain had caused a mud side into the pond!

I rang the Pond Doctor who said if I didn't empty the pond and clean all the mud out it would clog the fishes gills and they would die! so, for the next 3 hours or so Nigel and I, then Stella who dropped everything to help emptied the pond, caught fish, cleaned pond, filled it up once more put fish back

Over the next 2 days we removed soil, "landscaped" area by the pond and laid gravel down (helped by our lovely neighbour Sam)

The dustbins will be replaced by a water butt and superior guttering over the next few weeks.... Harry overseeing operations.

Happy fish - I think it was all worth it?


  1. Let me be the first to say you have worked hard! Looks so much better, and with a six second memory your fish will be so excited every time they swim around the pond!

  2. I do hope they can't remember the humiliation of bing stored in a dustbin for an hour while Stella and I emptied out the bottom 6 inches of sludge - they are now on 3 feeds a day and are incredibly frisky, and we think the new ones have grown.
    That ends Fish News for today!

  3. glad to hear a happy ending ...phew, thank goodness for the pond doctor!! it looks lovely & clear again after your team efforts. well done for saving the little fishies :)


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