Monday, October 9

Day on a Plate

I thought it might be interesting if I photographed everything I ate in one day.

This is a great incentive to eat colourful healthy food by the way!

I am trying to shift my focus away from thinking of food as a comfort and more of what lovely clothes I can wear when I don't have a double muffin top!


Currently my favourite porridge mix - porridge oats, flaked almonds, 2 dried apricots cut, half a grated apple, milk and water - naturally sweetened so no need for additional naughtiness.

Mozzarella, avocado, and tomato pitta

There, I had to go and spoil my good work - a piece of apple tart I made Nigel - it was calling to me....

Chicken, broccoli, and 3 fried potato slices - Food Doctor says protein and vegetables only pm.
I may have the other half of this mornings apple if I get hungry later.
In addition to this I've had one coffee, lots of water, and a fruit cordial with my dinner, which was a bit of a faux pas - plus 2 evening primrose capsules


  1. great post lynn! it takes more effort to make the healthier option sometimes but it's always worth it & i do love the whole ceremony of the preparation of anything from a meal to a pot of tea...everything looked yummy on your menu yesterday. i also loved the anticipation of waiting to see what was cooked up later in the day :)

    isn't it nice to have porridge weather back again? that's a breakfast that sticks by you 'til lunchtime! glad to see that you allowed yourself your beloved's so important to keep the balance by having quality treats. x kelly

  2. is that cream out of a squirty tube?

  3. Yes, I confess it's squirty cream. In my defence I wouldn't dream of offering it to anyone but Nigel likes it - he also loves evap - we have that in abundance too.
    Trust you to spot it.

  4. Kelly -

    I am also sooo pleased porride season is upon us - and soup.

    I'm so pleased you enjoyed all my meals!

    You're right about porridge it really does stop mid morning munchies.

  5. I don't mind the squirty cream but is that lovely pie on a cat's saucer?

  6. it was a cat saucer, but it has been in the dishwasher.
    I lick it like a cat too!


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