Sunday, October 8

WIP Saturday

Stella's brother came over and blocked up an old redundant door.

I have started painting what will be the back of the bookcase - F&B Vert de Terre
Not everyone was happy with improvements going on, Harry for his own safety had to be contained - don't feel too sorry for him as he was compensated by lots cuddles and Bonio's.

I decided to wash my newly acquired chandelier!My neighbour was about to donate it to a charity shop - I called round at the right moment; I'm so delighted as I have just the right place for it. I can't say I've always wanted one, to be perfectly honest I've never given chandeliers much thought, but now I have completely fallen for the sparkle and girliness.

I also got the job of stripping paint off the door furniture - very satisfying

Stella popped round in the afternoon so I even had a bit of girl talk - I felt rather spoilt by the end of the day.


  1. dear lynn,

    every girl needs sparkle & chat in abundance! glad you got your fix :)

    good to see more f&b action! sweet harry too. sounds like you had a busy saturday. x kelly

  2. Harry looks sweet, but looks can be deceiving! He has his moments.


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