Thursday, October 5

In the Kitchen

This is Mary Berry's Bara Brith, quite simply the easiest cake to make in the WORLD!

I don't know anyone who can't say no to a slice, plus it freezes beautifully.

I can recommend it for funerals and family gatherings

If any of you want the recipe let me know and I shall post it.

I also made an apple and blackberry crumble, once again, not rocket science, but simple things make well, with quality ingredients can't be beaten in my opinion.

Bramley apples and blackberries, picked by my husband, then frozen straight away (loose on a baking tray)

I always start off my fruit mixture in the microwave, therefore never having a burnt top and hard fruit.

Apologies for poor photo - natural light was fading


  1. Let me be the first to say 'great photos', I would like some of that crumble. Mary Berry will be commissioning you for her next recipe book. I noticed I am on your list of bloggers you regularly peruse which made me chuckle as I haven't written anything yet, but you can live in hope;)

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  3. I do live in hope!
    Thanks for thinking they are good photos - lighting is a problem - I can see myself getting a special light!
    I'll make you a little crumble - just let me know when you want it?

  4. i think i need the bara brith looks like a winner & i have some family members to win round after my coconut birthday cake disaster!!

    yummy crumble...pure autumn. i love it with cold custard :) thanks for the tip on freezing the brambles & apples...great idea. x

  5. I will email the BB recipe to you.

    It's better if you can keep it a day or two.....


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