Tuesday, November 7

Florence Hope goes to Chichester

Stella (Hope) and I (Florence) went to Chichester this morning for a spot of Christmas shopping - Stella had a long list of things but It was me who seemed to end up with the most bags!
I took my camera with me and found lots of interesting (to me)things to photo;here are a selection I took before my batteries ran low.

This is a very nice florist shop that always inspires me to do more with my flowers - fires me with great enthusiasm for a while at least!

I just loved seeing all these Emma Bridgewater mugs together - taken inside the Coln Gallery.

Just couldn't resist Lakeland's lovely display.
On our way home Stella very kindly stopped off at Brewers where my new favourite colour of Farrow and Ball was purchased - more about my next painty project later....


  1. Anonymous9:24 PM

    oooooo, aaaaaaaaaagh, lovely displays; so cheerful. You've got a good eye for that.

    I miss lakeland! Williams Sonoma is one thing, Zabars another, but there's nothing quite like home 'grown' kitchenware ;)

  2. I showed great restraint at Lakeland, only purchasing a Christmas present for Stella; actually I was pretty selfless today, apart form a tin of F&B - when you see the colour you'll see why I had to have it!

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    well I've got my F&B colour chart at the ready - or is it a newbie? Either way, looking forward to a peek. Poor rustersmob have had a Pointing disaster, more on that anon.

  4. sounds like hope & florence had fun!

    all those nice places...flowers + shopping + emma bridgewater + f&b = *green eyed me*!!

    a new paint project? hooray!! x

  5. It was a great day doing what we do best!
    With my new favourite colour I don't know what to paint first!
    I will post before and after - just for you Kelly:)


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