Wednesday, November 8

Getting Plastered

Plasterers made their last visit to me this morning.
Reduntant door blocked up and ready....
Where's it gone?
My neighbour had a carpenter round upgrading the kitchen worktops and it turned out he and the plasterers often work together so it was all very jovial in the road.
At lunch time Sam popped round and we compared our tradesman's workmanship - all pasted muster with flying colours.
I also had a brief visit from Stella who had been out foraging for tiles for her new conservatory - typical cheap and expensive tiles were plentiful, but nothing mid range (that were tasteful) When you are blessed with a discerning "eye" choices can be far from easy. She had a couple of samples in the back of her car so we stood chatting about them until it got too cold.
I don't want to sound patronising when I say this but to anyone choosing paint, tiles, fabric etc is to always look at them in situ if possible as light makes so much difference.


  1. i love before + after pics!

    hmmmm, the great tile debate continues...x

  2. I will post a few before and after photos just for you - I just said that in the last post's comments - got a bit confused! Doesn't take much these days.

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