Monday, November 13


I've always had lovely neighbours - well with the exception of a drug dealer, but even in his way he was nice, as nice as he was able to be with drug and alcohol issues; we always kept the dialogue open; but I digress slightly...

Just popped next door with a prescription of coffee cupcakes, as all were sick with the lurgy!

After watching Eye of the Needle (which is a great film by the way) left bearing gifts - yes the charity bag was riffled and no, not another chandelier, but a roll of Cath Kidston wall paper - perfect for a little project I am planning, which if successful, will be fantastic!! she says modestly!

Huxley, a.k.a Prop Cat was stuck to my lap as soon as I sat down, and didn't get off until I left - he's such a sweetie. Click on the photo and you will be able to see his loevly little face

Peter the tiler was ensconced in the kitchen where he was weaving his magic with lovely Marlborough lustre tiles.

Work in progress - gorgeous new worktops, sink and tap


  1. too, too much goodness in 1 post...i'm giddy! cupcakes, cute kitty & ck wallpaper?...not to mention nice films, nice neighbours & nice tiles by the way. sounds like you've had a happy monday...may your week continue in the same way. (hope you didn't catch the lurgy!!)

    i'm curious about your fantastical project plans...please keep us up to date on the progress :) x

  2. My "cup" is certainly full today that's for sure.

    Cakes, cats, and Cath Kidston - you're right almost too much for one post!

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    what a good neighbour you are, and friend might I say too. Looking forward to seeing your latest WIP when it's ready for public viewing ;)

  4. I'm going to have to start it PDQ now I've told you all!


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