Thursday, November 16

Shopping in Brighton - again

Look at the size of that!

I am referring to the button.
Lovely button detail, but I think they were lost on the busy fabric of the coat.
Stella and I went to Brighton yesterday and were very successful.
Before I continue I don't want you to think all we do is shop, neither of us has a psychological problem (relating to shopping anyway), or credit card debt, in fact we are more bulimic shoppers; the majority of what we buy one week is returned the next because on further inspection isn't right for one reason or another.
We hit Primark and came up trumps with incredibly cheap treasure.
Both Stella and I are slightly (Stella more than me) troubled at how cheap everything is, and therefore how much is paid to the poor people who make the clothes etc, but I always have to point out that just because you might pay a lot for something doesn't mean to say the people who made it still aren't exploited. I know I'm on shaky ground with this argument, so I'll shut up, but I do have a point........
Gap threw up it's own mother load of contraband - jeans for Stella, and tops for me.
And to make the day compete Stila make up - a lovely boy (international make up artist to the rock and pop world no less!) gave us smoky eyes and cheek bones - well he gave Stella cheek bones, I just got rosy checks, but I'm happy with that, so we both left with little bags of goodies and glamorous faces.
But as I've only given you one photo, here are a couple of the new Florence Hope needle cases soon to be on sale on Etsy.
Apologies for less than perfect photos, light very poor today.

The wrapping paper I used as a foil for the cases is patterned both sides - and as it turned out Cath Kidston,
although not a particular fan, have to say she did me proud with this!


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    well what can I say? where do I start? fab colours, fab flowers and wonderous details - they will sell like hot cakes ;)

  2. I hope you're right!

  3. that button is a wonder!!

    your brighton day sounded a treat. i am in no way judging your shopping habits...people in glass houses...! am totally with you on the shop + return thing too ;)

    primark is a gem...i never go any later than 10am though when it turns into a huge big mess!

    ooooh makeup by boys...that sounds good! i always fear the makeup ladies on the counters.

    last but not least...hooray for your f+h pretty. how're you getting on with opening your etsy shop? x

  4. Days out are great, because the I can get back to domestic life with full gusto until my next little outing - which is going to be sooner than later as London beckons next week!

    Etsy is in therory a step closer - need to get some crisper photos.

    You are right about Primark - Stella and once went when England were playing and it was virtually empty, as was most of Brighton - bliss.

    I'm thinking of having a big button contest - shall I put your name down?


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