Monday, January 1

Sunshine, Camera, Photos

You know how one thing leads to another, I guess that's how most of us got here! this morning we put the Christmas decorations away (hooray) and as my husband was crawling around in the eve's cupboard he pulled out 3 (I don't know how many more!) boxes of what I shall refer to as nik-naks. As I started to unwrap each piece it was like rediscovering long lost treasures. I knew it was all up there but I had kind of switched off thinking about my lovely things as strictly speaking I shouldn't be getting them out when we have yet to finish restoring the house, but I just couldn't resist a few of them.....

This little felt bunny pincushion my Granny bought me for 25p. I have a extremely vivid memory of the event as she didn't have enough money with her so we had to go home and then go back hoping it was still there. This was back in the 60's or early 70's so 25p was a princely sum.

On the plate is Harry's first collar, it was the smallest one I could buy and yet it was still too big for him when we bought him home. I get all emotional when I look at it, which considering he's just a dog, and a mad one at that is quite ridiculous.
I'm going to put a few more photos onto Flickr so have a look if you want.


  1. happy new year!

    how nice to start 2007 with re-discovered treasures...i love the tale of the bunny pincushion!

    i'm (more than) ready to take down our decorations too...but just got home from norfolk + a bit too weary from celebrating last night ;)

  2. It was a wonderful way to start New Year.

    Do oyu mean you have a hang over??
    Well, if you only get one once a year (?) it's not so bad - chance would be a fine thing in my case....

  3. Oh I love that. Finding things you'd forgotten. I've done that a number of times when I've moved. It's lovely feeling like you've got new things. Can't wait to get my Christmas decorations down now and buy myself some tulips.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year Fiona,

    It's great rediscovering old stuff and seeing it with a fresh it's making me tidy!!
    Have you looked at Yarnstorms blog? She has a thing for tulips...and when she has a thing it's HUGE

  5. Happy New Year! How lovely, finding forgotten treasures. I found a little doll my mum made me the other day. Hope 2007 is fantastic for you! Louise x

  6. Hello, i just discovered your blog through a link. I love the felt bunny, and what a lovely memory of your Granny.

  7. Hello Knot Garden! Do you have a blog as I tried to find you but only got your profile? If you do please let me have your deatils so I can have a look.


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