Sunday, January 14

Cutting It

Stella and I had a really good cutting out secession.

We are experimenting - again, this time with linen and felt.

I have just sourced some fantastic beads, so by the end of the week these little flowers should be looking fandabbydosy!


  1. They're already looking really lovely. Can't wait to see them finished. I really like the combination of the linen and felt.

  2. gorgeous work girls! love love love htese combos! report back soon with finshed ones pretty please :)

  3. Nonnie - Hello, the linen is so gorgeous it looks good whatever we do with it!
    Kelly - I am waiting for my new beads, but I may start sewing - I like everything out colour wise, so I may hang on until they arrive as I want to make sure thread and beads compliment one another.....I think it's a bad case of procrastination!
    Like your new profile photo by the way - I'm getting a little bored with mine.....

  4. Some lovely colour combinations there, can't wait to see the finished article.


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