Thursday, January 18

Lost then Found

At the beginning of December last year(!) I bought some wonderful old vintage spools of tread from America but they just never arrived; so last week I contacted the seller and she very kindly refunded me my money as we had both given up hope of them ever finding their way to me - the next day they arrived! Forget diamonds when you can have old wooden spools of gorgeously coloured silk and cotton thread!

There they are in the tin they have called home for many years.

There is just so much detail to delight and I quite happily spend the odd half hour getting them out and having a play!

I bought them as props for when I'm taking photographs for Florence Hope

A study in green.
I think it is possible to love colour without living in a home that looks like a child's poster paints; It's a bit like humour, a bit of subtlety goes a long way.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Give me that bag!

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  3. I shall tease you with it over the garden fence;-)

  4. Happy to have found your blog! Those spools are lovely! I inherited a box of old thread spools in glorious colors from hubby's great grandmother. There were oodles of them, so I stacked them in a rainbow of colors inside of vintage Mason/canning jars and set them on a shelf. It made a beautiful (and cheap!) display.

  5. Hello - thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment - I think I will try displaying them in glass as they are so lovely - that's an excellent idea.
    You don't happen to live in Cabot Cove? I always love it when Jessica Fletcher solves murder on her home soil:)

  6. Eeek - what a wonderful find - i could never bear to use them either!

  7. Ohhh, what beautiful colours! I collect nice old spools of thread too but I also buy modern ones to actually use. Louise :)

  8. hello gigi...i'm drooling over your spools!!! such an abundance of gorgeousness...and to think that you thought they'd been lost in the post...that must have been unbearable! they'll make the most wonderful props for your lovely creations.

    + the study in favourite colour...that bag is divine! have a great weekend...i'll email you soon. x

  9. Wow! Absolute treasure.

  10. Gorgeous threads. Gorgeous bag.
    You've been tagged. Go to my blog for instructions.

  11. We live on a similar coastal town on Cape Cod (Massachusetts). Cabot Cove is in neighboring Maine, another New England state. I do love Angela Lansbury! =)

    Incidentally, I did try to sew using a spool of that old thread, but found it broke very easily (probably suffered the same fate as linens with "dry rot"). So don't feel at all guilty not using them! =)

  12. I can never resist wooden cotton reels. I have a collection on display. There's a man with a large Luton van that sells for charity at the Roundstone Car Boot on a Sunday just up the road from you. I always came home with a little bag of wooden cotton reels from him. Worth checking out when it starts again in May. When you ask the price he always says just give a donation.
    Your birthday gift arrived this morning - thank you Lynn! I'm going to be everso good and save it until the 10th. x

  13. I can't resist wooden reels of cotton they are gorgeous, and that bag Wow!

  14. Hello Carolyn! I'm being spoilt with lots of new names poping up in my comments:)
    I never go out in the evening but just in case I ever do I have my lovely green bag waiting, and as it was only £4.50 I have no guilt whatsoever in it's purchase.


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