Friday, January 12


We waited in all afternoon for the man from Southern Water to arrive - no show. A whole afternoon wasted. Mobile phone technology? What would it take to ring and say he couldn't make it after all? At least Inspector Morse didn't disappoint.

I can't resist a jug -
Glass is lovely but only when it's clean and shiny.
This is my recently finished ironing board cover - saves getting marks on the wall. Eventually it will have a home in our utility/lean too but until then it resides in full view.I'm rather pleased how it turned out. I guess it's applique - it was a bit of a pain to do.Got the idea from Stella; she made a really funky one in some lovely retro fabric that was originally an apron from Ikea.


  1. Lovely cover, makes your ironing board pretty to look at!

  2. pure genius! i'm definitely adding an ironing board top-cover to my ever-growing list of to-do's :) your's looks fabulous! x


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