Saturday, January 6

Hearts and Flowers

Kelly very kindly sent me one of her gorgeous corsages for Christmas; and my lovely neighbour Sam gave me the other glittery flower you see in the photo. The third is a just finished Florence Hope as well, I like to display things in odd numbers!

The back is just as scrumptious as the front!
I made a lavender filled heart for Sam this morning. It didn't quite turn out as I had hoped - forgetting seam allowance didn't help, then my new glass buttons were a bit on the small side......but she seemed delighted with the results.


  1. I'd love all of those. All really lovely and the heart is very pretty too.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous corsages. I never leave home without one. I love the stitching on the Florence Hope brooch.

  3. good morning gigibird! how lovely to see you feature the corsage i made...i'm so thrilled that you like it.

    your fh one is totally scrumptious by the way!! well done with the lavender's v sweet. oh + i'm glad i'm not the only one who has "forgotten seam allowance" moments! x

    have a great sunday :)

  4. Hello Alison, you keep changing your profile picture just to confuse me! Glad you like my tio of corsages - don't tell anyone but Harry got hold of the Florence Hope and had it in his mouth until I swapped it for a biscuit! and I was going to put it on Etsy!
    Kelly - if I ever do another heart I think I shall just have a raw edge, and getting the lavender in, well obviously a technique involved you use a funnel? There is more on the floor than inside the heart!
    Nonnie, I 'm pleased you like all my bits; how were the baked beans??

  5. I use a tea spoon to get the lavender into the heart, It works pretty well. Using a funnel didn't realy work for me. If you fill them over a tray you don't spill as much.

  6. why didn't I think of that?
    Thank you!

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  8. Your felt applique is art!

  9. Thank you very much:)


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