Sunday, January 28

Kitchen Essentials

I love this.

It's my Tala dry measure. You can pick one up for under £10.00

It's small, it's attractive, I would be lost without it. Everyone should have one!

Another piece of equipment that works really well for me is my Panasonic bread machine.For those sophisticates who can toddle off to their local artisan or organic bakery it probably isn't something to aspire to owning, but for the rest of us who really only have mass produced supermarket bread on offer it's wonderful. The only skill is to be able to follow the simple instructions and weigh the ingredients. Come Christmas and Bank Holidays when bread and milk panic grips the nation I sit back knowing I can have freshly baked bread on demand. The other positive is I know exactly what's in my bread - I can choose organic flour or not, I know that only one teaspoon of salt is added, and no trans fatty acids in sight as I only use pure English butter.

To change the subject slightly, and for those of you that might have tunned in for a crafty bite, here be some stems drying in the sunshine ready to be used in more vintage inspired felt corsages.....more another time.


  1. Oh my! Hubby and I LOVE that dry measure! We have a similar looking one we bought at Divertimenti last trip to London, but it doesn't have the dry measurements. I wonder if it is available over here?

    Can't wait to see what you make with those lovely green stems!

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    In the grip of another 'Old Mother Hubbard' moment Gigi Bird's - attractive yet modest neighbour - breaths a sigh of relief knowing lovely bread is a few steps away.
    XX The bad wife from next door !!!

  3. I thought I had thrown my Tala measure out. I could never get on with it, but I have located it under the kitchen sink, it is being used as a paint brush holder so I can't say that it isn't useful;)

  4. Stella - I am flabbergasted at your treatment of a kitchen classic! I will take possession forthwith and offer you a jam jar replacement for such a lowly job as paintbrush storage! Bad girl.

    Louise - Hello, I would have thought you'd have an American equivalent? Have you googled it? I tried but could only get suppliers.

    Sam - If I knew you wouldn't self harm I'd make you a loaf everyday;)

  5. Can you believe there is no American equivalent? My mother has one from Germany my aunt gave to her when I was little, and I have the one from Divertimenti. Hubby and I are always trying to hunt them down, but none of our suppliers has them. Guess we'll need to make a buying trip to London soon... ;)

  6. I've been hoping to find one of those dry measures in a charity shop or boot fair. I don't know what my Mum did with hers - she used it all the time, I grew up with it - but I'd love to have one. Might have to succumb, and look on eBay.....

    Clangers in your knicker drawer, heehee. I have some in a hanging basket by my bedside, they watch over me while I sleep.

  7. I remember my Mum using one of those measures and recently found my own in a Charity shop. I've seen them listed on Ebay for those still looking.

  8. Apart from the one languishing under Stella's sink they are widely available in hardware and kitchen shops. I have spotted them in Robert Dyas and Lakeland.And of course you can buy them from Ebay.

    Hello Lettuce and Sezz:)thanks for stopping by.

  9. My Mum used to have a measure like that when we were growing up, haven't thought about it in years.
    I too love my Panasonic breadmaker, waking up to the smell of baking bread is lovely!


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