Friday, January 26

Vintage Inspired Felt Flower Corsage

Couldn't resist taking a farewell shot of this felt flower corsage before it flies off to Seattle.

Looks so lovely sitting in this cute little dotty cream jug.

Thanks again to Louise who very generously posted the original pattern. It was a wonderful starting point.


  1. Pretty bouquet, and it does look so lovely in the little jug!

  2. The jug is Stella's; I'm hoping she forgets to ask for it back.....

  3. Linda7:01 PM

    I want one!!!

  4. Hello Linda.

    Glad you like our little corsages:)

  5. gigibird - I know how to make felt.

    I have made some felt bunnies - I made them using tops from haldanes. I wanted to use the bunnies as appliques in a larger felt piece (as a small rug or a blanket) - this was meant to be made using fresh sheep fleece.

    The fleecs is from a suffolk - so not a great quality fleece and a short staple(its our pet sheep)

    However I seem to fail to make a piece of felt - what I get is lumpy not quite felt not quite wool mush with holes all over it.

    Have you ever made felt from a fleece and have you any tips?


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