Tuesday, January 30

Savoury Tuesday

I made some lovely cheesy scones for lunch today.

The basic recipe came from Mary Berry but I added sundried tomatoes and herbs, and used two types of cheese, Orkney cheddar and Parmesan.

I served them with dry cured streaky bacon, grilled of course!

Have a look at Florence Hope as I have posted some photos of our latest finished work.


  1. Crikey - its making my mouth water and i am a vegetarian!!!!
    Looks and sounds yummy x

  2. Thank You! They were good even though I say so myself - my neighbour who is veggie had them sans bacon; I had one with and one without.

  3. They look good - making me feel hungry:) I must try making some savoury scones.

  4. I too must admit your post made my mouth water! Looks absolutely delicious! I think scones will be on our menu in the near future. (I must admit, you have MUCH better bacon over there; ours is as thin as a crisp)! I am off to check out your other site update...

  5. Oh yes,oh yes,oh yes.... warm from the oven, with th ebutter slowly melting on top and the bacon hard enough to hold straight.... Mmmm
    it's a shame I'm on a low-carb diet for a while, isn't it?

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I can concur that the meat free version was not only kind to piggies but also
    extremely pleasing to my tummy, especially when washed down with an Earl Grey, or a cup of Gay as we call it in our house.
    I am looking into ways of cloning Gigibird and selling her on eBay.
    Love the neighbour.
    P.S Go and see Venus – it is very funny if not a little alarming at the dirty bits.

  7. I've only just had breakfast but you've got me really hungry again. I love cheese scones! Never thought of having them with bacon before.

  8. I've got to get busy in the kitchen because THOSE LOOK GREAT!

  9. I never knew just how popular my cheesy herby scones would be or i'd have made more:-)

    If you have a food processor they can be knocked out in minutes.

  10. For your egg and egg cup obsession...you might like yesterday's post on http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com

  11. Mmmm, I love scones. Yours look particularly nice, I must say! I made some recently with ground ginger, chopped glace ginger & then put ginger conserve on them. Worth a try, if you like ginger of course!

  12. I love ginger:)
    Cherry and ginger - even better!!
    I'n never going to be slim....

  13. i must add my comment to the long line of droolers...sconetastic! x


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