Saturday, January 20

Only 6?

I have been tagged! Nonnie see me after class!!

The Rules: I have to write 6 weird things about myself, then pass this challenge onto another 6 of you.... however as I have very strong views of chain letters I feel my participation can only go as far as telling you about myself I won't be tagging anyone else.

1. I don't like rules

2. When I was young I ate paper.

3. My middle name is Anneke ( named after the Dutch midwife who delivered me - Lynn after the Gynecologist - thanks Mum)

4. My coat hangers in my wardrobe have to be hung in the same direction.

5.My herbs and spices have to be in alphabetical order.( I hear you say that's not weird - if you could see the rest of my's weird)

6. I wanted to marry our cat Simmba when I was young - when I grew up of course - I wasn't that weird:-)


  1. Thanks for doing this. It was really difficult deciding who to pass this on to. I have a real problem with chain letters too and normally ignore them but decided to do this. A moment of madness perhaps!Thanks for writing the list at least and I understand why you're not passing it on.

  2. hee hee hee!

    i like your middle name :)

    the coat hanger thing is a must...definitely not weird! x

  3. Oh my! I've just discovered you've got an etsy shop! I'm going to add you to my favorites next time I am logged on over there. I also sell on etsy (my shop's name is the same as my blogger name, less the word "beachys").

    I love your middle name, too! My daughter's middle name is also her midwife's name (which incidentally is also my first name) "Louise".

  4. Dear Fiona, thank you for thinking of me. Although I don't approve about cahin type experiences I'm not sure if I know 6 other bloggers to be quite honest!However I do like the challenge of thinking about unusual things and it is a great idea amongst friends.

    Kelly - I wouldn't mind marrying Bosco as he's a real dish....the more I think about getting hitched to a cat the more I think it's a good idea;-)

    Louise - I'm glad I'm not the only one you has a midwife's name! When I was growing up I used to get teased about having a foreign name, so I hated Anneke, but now I rather like it. I shall have a look at your Etsy shops next time I'm on;)

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Did you write anything on the paper before you ate it? Not sure why that question occurred to me, but it did!

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  6. Hello Ari, no I didn't as my Granny told me ink was made from squids and I didn't fancy that!

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    None of this suprises me!

    So if I don't do this my hair will fall out and my children's children will be born with 6 fingers and four eyes?


  8. Probably.

    Hello by the way.


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