Monday, January 22

So Far

Nigel (day off) and I have been into town, well technically a village and had a gay( in the old fashioned sense) old time.
I bought an old cream wool blanket for £1.95 which is being shrunk as I write this, ready for experimental dyeing later. Over a cappuccino in the local coffee shop we planned a return visit on Sunday morning for a full English breakfast - this I might add is more my husband's plan as a fry up isn't really girl food in my opinion.
We popped into the local joinery shop with a sample piece of skirting board.....which for a slightly eye watering sum will be copied; I couldn't use a piece that wasn't an exact match as I just know my eye would go to it - the hidden cost of living in an older property. I hate it when I go into an old period house and it looks like a new build inside.
On our return I took some photos of some finished Florence Hope egg cosies....but that's another story for another day.

We don't normally make make batches of the same colour way, but then again never say never......

Early dinner - Beef casserole with herbed dumplings....

I like to ruin Nigel's enjoyment by adding broccoli.


  1. Those felt egg cozies are the sweetest! And I saw your needlecases in your etsy shop - lovely!

  2. I love the colours on those egg cosies, and well done for finding the blanket!

  3. Cute cosies and what looks like a scrummy dinner!

  4. Thank you. I can't take all the credit as without Stella I hate to think how they might look!

    The blanket has not "felled" as much as I had expected, however once Dylon gets to it I am hoping for a woolly miracle.

  5. Hello Rebecca, it was a very nice dinner, even if I say so myself, and thank you for liking the egg cosies. We chose "Easter" colours and I think they have turned out very well:)


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