Wednesday, January 31

Afternoon Walking

Sam and I slapped on the Dr Hauschka, wrapped up and went off with Harry for an afternoon walk along the beach.

We met this little cutie, only 15 weeks old who was out with her sister,

"sister" Lucy with phantom hand (Sam stroking her)

Detail of the beach

Looking up towards the beach huts

I do feel so lucky to have all this on my doorstep;there's nothing like sea air in your lungs:)


  1. What lovely photos! And so many shells on your beach. Your pup is so adorable! I love the look of those beach huts! They remind me very much of the tiny beach cottages that line the very tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown. I'll bet the artists out your way enjoy painting those huts as much as the artists do in Provincetown!

  2. looks wonderful and what a sweet pup x
    there really is nothing better than the sea air!!!

  3. yay...i can comment at last!

    that pup is so cute...could she be harry's girl?

    so wonderful to have such beauty on your doorstep...i could do with a beach walk to blow away the cobwebs :)

  4. Hi, just found you. Where are these beach huts? How have i gone so long without finding these gorgeous coloured ones? My favourite thing to paint.......ever! I'll be back xx


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