Sunday, February 4

Last Piece

Is there anything more perfect than to be eating the last piece of cake while reading a book about cakes? - sublime even though my cruel husband is subjecting me to rugby on the TV - I forgive him as I was in a sensual world of my own.

While mooching around Chichester this morning I bought this

I had been looking at it every time I visited Waterstone's, and as I had some book tokens from Christmas I thought why not....
I do have a bit of a thing for old cookery books but I liked this as Julie Duff has found old recipes and tested them and given (hopefully) instructions that we can all relate to today. I plan to start to try a lot of them out over the next few weeks and will of course share with you my successes and failures along the way.


  1. That looks an interesting book, I love baking cakes myself. It's nice to have book tokens, but I always feel that money spent on books needs no justification!

  2. Uh oh! Greg's just spotted your cake over my shoulder! Miss your baking.

  3. I also had to put up with the rugby - wish i had some of that cake!!!
    Looking forward to seeing more x

  4. That cake looks soooo yummy! I could go for a piece of that right now. =)

  5. What could be better than a piece of delicious looking cake on a Cornishware plate? That book looks great. Looking forward to seeing what you make from it.

  6. i had rugby too...sadly no cake though but a happy husband as ireland won!

    as always i'll look forward to your baking results + eagerly await another recipe to match the bara b wonder that you kindly passed on :)

    have a great week! x

  7. Gosh after reading all your lovely comments I feel the least I should do is don my apron and start baking! but alas I am watching a real old tear jerker, Good morning Miss Dove.

  8. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I might of known you'd be enjoying a bit of cake - oblivious to my job interview hell and toothache!!! Call yourself a neighbour/friend? PAH!!!
    I think the only way you can make amends is by baking me something with a high cocoa content or a large amount of cooked fruit!!

  9. consider it done - but not until you have visited your dentist;-)


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