Wednesday, January 24


Like a small child I squealed when I looked out of my window this morning. My neighbour Sam, Harry and I had a lovely walk so I feel if I do nothing else today other than make cold weather food I have had my quota of exercise.

General view looking east -

The beach huts were starting to look like ski chalets

Harry, too busy to pose for the camera

Poor little spring flowers.

I love how with just a sprinkling of snow everything takes on a magical feel


  1. I agree with you on the magical feel. Everything looks different and pretty. Snow looks particularly weird on the beach doesn't it?

  2. It does look strange. I've seen some amazing photos of when the sea froze down here in the 1960's; I guess with global warming that will never happen again?

  3. We had a surprise snow yesterday as well! Just a dusting, but every little snowflake mattered to my children! It does give everything a magical feel, Nonnie! And I agree, white snow on a sandy beach does look a bit odd (but lovely)!

  4. Your snow looks lovely. Still no snow here!

  5. Oh my goodness! I want to be there right now, walking along our home beach! Keep wrapped up warmly Lynn.

  6. the snow fell for us too...but melted as soon as the sun came out...i can't think of anything better than a walk on a snowy beach this time of year + then to get in the warm to enjoy comfort food :)


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