Thursday, January 25

Variations on a Theme of Egg

I intend to list these on Etsy later this week; we are rather pleased with them!

100%wool felt with vintage linen heart.

We thought we would have a play with hearts....


  1. I love red and this shade of blue so much! I have it in both my kitchen and bedroom and am currently trying ti insinuate it into my craftroom. The cosies look gorgeous; if only my 3 ate eggs!

  2. Love the pale blue and red combination. Mind you, I would as almost my entire flat has that colour theme!

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3!!!
    with love - the neighbour. X

  4. Just the sweetest egg cosies! I love the colors you've chosen. (And I'm admiring the tea cosy in the background!)

  5. Hello!

    Stella must take the credit for the red/blue combo; my photos although good (she says modestly) don't do them justice....

    The vintage linen tea cosy in the background is used for covering my bread, it's the perfect shape. I have a bread machine so I bake almost everyday.

  6. A tea cosy for a bread cover - what a marvelous idea! I have an antique woolen crewel-work tea cosy (from England!) that would be perfect for bread! Thank you for the idea. =)
    I also spotted your Dualit toaster in the background (hubby and I run a gourmet shop, so my eyes are always peeled for kitchen accoutrements)!

  7. That shade of pale blue is gorgeous, and the button is a nice touch. I bake my own bread as well:)

  8. Louise - I love my Dualit, had it for years. I wrap my bread in a plastic bag to keep it fresh so the linen tea cosy makes it easy on the eye:)
    Caroline - do you have a bread machine? as far as gadgets go I think it's one of the best things I've bought, as I can't knead by hand anymore.

  9. Yes, I used to have a Kenwood one but now I've got a Panasonic which is much better. I never buy an ordinary loaf any more. On the subject of Dulit toasters, mine is a green one!


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