Wednesday, February 14

Afternoon Delights

Stella came over this afternoon with a view to put some Florence Hope on Etsy I did the photo shoot which is always a pleasure to find props and play with the composision. Luckily my lovely neighbour Sam popped round so we held her captive while she put her writers head on and composed our descriptions, a task neither Stella or I relish.

This corsage is going on Etsy, but somehow it found it's way into Stella's new car

I put the kettle on, broke open a packet of Doves Farm organic oat biscuits, which apart from Harry no one liked. We came to the conclusion that "healthy" biscuits don't work.

Stella, deep in philosophical conversation...

Sam, just after a disappointing biscuit


  1. I've tried the 'healthy biscuit' option myself but find they're always a bit of a disappointment. I think if you're going to have a biscuit it may as well be full on fat and sugar overload!

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I'm afraid creative etsy writng will cease until satisfactory biscuits can be provided.

  3. I shall make sure that nothing but the best biscuits will be on offer from no your order here:)


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