Tuesday, February 13

Spontaneous Gestures

After agreeing not to partake in St Valentine gestures this year my husband returned from taking his mother to Tescos with a dozen deep pink roses.

Of course I love flowers and roses once far too expensive these days have become an affordable option.

I was also given a bottle of perfume this morning, not by my husband but by a neighbour (Bunny Warren- the name of the house not the neighbour) which was unexpected. I have put some on my wrists and now Harry won't sit next to me - I don't know if I should give it away or get some more;)

Stella popped over for a coffee and brought her just finished bag. Exquisite.


  1. Beautiful roses! You have a wonderful husband. My hubby chose to impress me more before we married. Now that he's "got me" he says, he doesn't need to shower me with pressies! ah well... =) Actually we have more fun these days doing all the holiday treats for the little ones anyhow.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, you lucky thing! The bag is beautiful too.

  3. What a lovely colour of rose! And, I hope you got tea in bed this morning?

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    If I hear the strains of Barry White and the pop of champagne corks tonight I'll be round to slap your legs!!

  5. Beautiful roses and a REALLY beautiful bag (i want one!)
    And what a great neighbour!!!!

  6. Yes he is a very dutiful husband - not only buys me flowers but also takes the rubbish out!
    The bag really is lovely - vintage fabric really comes into it's own in projects like this


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