Wednesday, February 7

The D Word

I know I know we've been here before, maybe it's the time of year but my mind has turned to awful topic of weight loss....

Last night I went on Amazon and had a look at the new batch of diet books but they're all the same more or less; so today I had a look through some of my really old housekeeping books and found that there is truly nothing new in wanting to loose weight

When I started reading the example menus I thought, this doesn't sound too bad - I discovered I had been reading the weight gain section.....

As soon as I saw half a grapefruit I switched off; but then came across

and not before time as my fur gloves are getting sooo dirty:-)

Sam has just given me these lovely primulas.


  1. oh no...not the d word!

    i feel full of shame as i just read your post whilst eating an extra large piece of battenburg cake...all i want to do is eat in this cold weather! anyway your pics did make me chuckle...and i love your ornaments surrounding the pretty primulas.

    keep warm...i think we're all going to get snow soon! xxx

  2. Diet and/or Die?
    I'm trying out India and Neris' Idiotproof diet, or as my Hubby calls it, Atkins for Girls. Yeah, it's high protein, low carb, but these girls do it in style with a book where every page is a different colour, they understand the female psyche (we need chocolate and alcohol, right?) and if you follow the diet to the letter, the weight does drop off. I'm going to give it .... about a week longer and see if it's a, too boring, b, working and c, letting me have enough chocolate and alcohol.

  3. I've found the only real way I can diet is to go for long walks uphill pushing the baby carriage! Because there is no way I will ever stop eating sweets. =)

  4. A lovely spring arrangement, that yellow bunny is a great colour.

  5. I'm sitting here with a stupid grin on my face and shaking with laughter because of your gloves!!

    As for the D word, last May I was pleased to think I had a year to lose a couple of stone before my daughter's wedding. Now I have just under 3 months ...

    Rick Gallop'd GI Diet actually worked for me a few years ago but I lapsed and remembered how good red wine tasted ...

  6. On eBay last night I found 4 pairs of fur gauntlets! I was very tempted - I used to have a pair many years ago but I wore them out!
    Hello to everyone! I hope none of you are suffering from snow - down here it just never arrived!

  7. I can't even think about diets when the weather is like this. All I want to do at the moment is eat comfort food. I've decided that's the way it should be in the Winter. Diets can be done once the weather is warmer.
    Love that little pot of primulas.

  8. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Please assure me you jest about the gloves - with love and without judgment your veggie pot plant giving neighbour!!

  9. Well....I have read all your comments about food and the cold weather. I can only say it's another excuse WE use. I am in the middle of summer here in Australia and very hot and guess who is still eating??
    Don't like that "D" word in any weather. If only I would start that walking!!

  10. What a great post, delightfully random. I love the primulas.

    Cherry xx


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