Monday, February 12


I have just eaten this

It really was as good as it looked

I blame my husband for buying bagels yesterday; they lend themselves to wicked combinations that I wouldn't even consider in a normal sandwich - bacon, tomato, basil,covered in melted cheese. Not surprisingly the diet isn't going that well....

I should have written about going to the Stitches Show last Friday, but well one thing leads onto another and I haven't managed until now.

Stella has been before, I think this was her third year and according to her each visit gets a little more disappointing - take away card making ephemera (which I don't even consider to be a craft) and there wasn't a lot to temp Florence or Hope - still we rallied and bought a few bits and pieces

Fat squares of Liberty fabric, always useful

I must close as never far away is always a mountain of domestic duties calling - I should be cleaning my oven

Don't think for one minute I will be looking quite so serene as this content housewife of yester year.


  1. You clean your oven?

  2. I find bagels a bit on the chewy side, but I could eat that filling in a sandwich. The Liberty fabrics look nice!

  3. Love your new Liberty fabrics! When I was in London last, I went to Liberty's and stared at the fabrics for at least an hour ~ I was so overwhelmed that I left with nothing except for a Peacock pattern blouse!

    And that bagel looks absolutely delish!

  4. That bagel looks delicious! I'm hungry now.
    The Liberty fabrics look lovely.

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    What the hell is that knitted creature trapped in the box? Release it with immediate effect!!!
    Neighbour. xx

  6. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Or valiumed out?


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