Monday, May 28

Harry's the Star

Harry won. I’m glad.
Thank you all who indulged me by voting. Sadly I've had to crop the photo more than I wanted.......
Incidentally the reason Harry looked so pleased with himself in the banner photo was because he had just eaten the crows breakfast...the person who feeds the birds now knows to wait for Harry to go past before throwing the scraps on the happens quite regularly!
I shall keep this post doggy themed.

I bought these yesterday – couldn't’t resist. I plan to make biscuits and pretend they are dog biscuits – it's what passes for humour around here these days.

Stella gave Harry a gorgeous blanket. It's really too good for him but as his bed is on show I am trying to give it a bit of a make-over. We both loved the label.


  1. Harry's a fine choice - what a sweet pup! (Love his face!!!)

  2. Hurrah for Harry - i knew that sweet face and mad ears would win the votes!
    As for the blanket surely he deserves a massive bed makeover and at least 2 bone shaped cookies after the big win????
    Tracy x

  3. Harry lives the life of a dog king already!

    He will I'm sure be getting the 'human' dog biscuits when I get round to making them.

    My husband is constantly accusing me of trying to turn him into a girl - my plans for a flowery doggy duvet have been vetoed.

  4. No wonder the crows were sad, the dirty dog ate their breakfast and then won the banner comp. There is no justice in this world!

  5. Harry isn't dirty, he had a bath not 2 weeks ago!

  6. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Harry rocks - Crows are plotting to take over the world with their tool making skills.
    The Neighbour.

  7. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Read the post too quickly and thought you had written 'Harry had eaten the crows for breakfast'. Wouldn't put it past him. :)
    Laura x

  8. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Who is that dissin' the dawg??
    Crow x


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