Friday, June 1

Corners of my Home

Plans are afoot to turn a corner of our very small spare bedroom into my sewing/craft area.
If I pull my finger out I could have it up and running in days, but I fear I have so many distractions that seem to be taking me away from getting on.

The walls have been painted in Farrow and Ball Skylight and the woodwork will be in Lime White when I've rubbed it down.That's what I should be doing now....

Stella's brother has already built me some shelves (which I need to paint)

This will be my sewing table

I love the detail of this old label.

In the middle of the view you will see a little blue V - that's my sea glimpse


  1. You've got a better sea glimpse than I... I have to walk a bit for mine! =) How great to have a sewing nook!

    And the tala!!! Thank you for thinking of me!

  2. I hope it will be - the plan is it will keep all the associated mess out the way....

  3. your view is just lovely and the light in your little space perfect for sewing...if i stand in my bath tub on a clear day in the midst of winter with no leaves on the trees...i can just about see the snow topped caps of the olympic mountains!! but i would rather have a sea view any day :)

  4. ok, so i am sure you have been tagged before, but just incase i'm passing it on to interesting things to tell your dear readers..

  5. Hi Lynn, thank you for the comment on my blog. I got really quite excited when I read about your sewing room. It's the perfect place to sew. Love the table as well. Will that fit under the window? When I last saw upstairs that room was storing boxes and clothes. Have they got new homes now? I find that having everything out in my own space means that creating is easy. You don't have to dust off sewing machines and set up a work space at the dining room table. Looking forward to all the photos to come.

  6. Looks like it will be a lovely sewing corner. How lovely to have a sea view however tiny. I really like your little table too.

  7. What I'd give for a seaview, however small ...

    Have you started that painting yet? Just don't do what I did yesterday - have added it to my blog!


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