Saturday, June 23

5 lb

In Thursdays Telegraph I read that women who wear make up everyday are apparently absorbing 5 lb of chemicals a year.
How can this be? Who are these women who slap on 5lbs of make up? Joan Collins, the late Barbara Cartland, Jordon?

The article was written by a man, Paul Stokes and I think this is why it started to become a little confused as to what constitutes make – up and what is skin care, general toiletries that are common to both men and women.
The more I thought about this the more irritated I became.
Our lady faces are very small in comparison to the rest of our bodies. The amount of dangerous chemicals that might be in make-up can only ever cover a very small area where as what we wash with and rub into our bodies is in my opinion where the danger if any would come from. And don’t get me started on the dye from clothes….
None of this apart from this bizarre figure of 5 lb is new.

The problem with any cosmetic product are the preservatives used and these are generally universal to any thing you buy; from Superdrug to Liz Earle, looking on the ingredients you will find them.
Most ‘Natural’ products are no exception.
My advice for anyone worried about what’s in their make-up and skin care is this-
Stop worrying
Use everything sparingly
Ask yourself if you need to rub body lotion in everyday
Remove your make up at night
Don’t overload your skin (especially your face) with face creams.
If something irritates your skin throw or give it away
If you are thinking of trying out ‘natural’ products perhaps start with a lipgloss or lipstick as we all literally eat it.
Buy a mascara every time you buy a new toothbrush
Try giving up bubble bath –

if you are really interested in what you are putting on your face and body I would recommend a couple of books
Cosmetcis Umasked by Dr Stephen & Gina Antczak(after reading this book you will go straight out and by a ‘natural’ deodorant but after you find out it does'nt work you will slip in a ‘Mum’ or whatever it is you used to use back into your shopping trolley)

And the famous Beauty Bible by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey

(I believe there is a Natural Beauty Bible in the pipe line)
My biggest passion in my life is beauty products. I have tried it all - cheap to really, really expensive – space age to biodynamic organic.
My biggest beauty tip? Get to know your own skin.


  1. I remember when we were in Australia (where they are naturally paranoid about sun exposure and skin cancer) a few years ago, I was surprised to see that they did not stock the very high factor sunscreens. Then I found out what is in them.

    I don't wear much makeup day to day but I use Dr Haushka for pretty much everything (their sun screen is a paltry factor 8)but that is partly that they smell so nice.

    I met Jo Fairley at a Wedding Flowers course at Sarah Raven's and liked her a lot - and this was before I clicked the Green and Blacks CHOCOLATE connection. She gave me a lift in her car which was - after mine - the messiest car I have ever been in. Messy cars and messy handbags are always a good sign in my book. She was also very obviouysly a gardener who does things which again is a great thing on my tick list.
    She has a book about making natural cosmetics which I can't remember the title of offhand but it is good.

    What a waffle! I am inside as it is too hot outside andpretending to do something constructive.


  2. Oh no...not another thing to worry about! I love my makeup and the whole girlie rituals surounding way on God's green earth am I giving it up. Besides, I'm doing the world a favor by wearing it...(have you seen what I look like without it?...Holy Smoke!)
    Well, I don't smoke or drink or use harsh chemicals around the surely it balances out...right...hopefully???? aaaaack!

  3. Hello Jane and Gina:)

    I too don't have any vices, hardly use cleaning products so like you Gina feel the application of make up is essential for being able to mix in society!
    I use the Dr H sunblock too on days when I go 'au naturel'
    I like my make-up ritual especially when I'm going out somewhere nice.
    I'm going to take my chances - we're all going to die of something or another.

  4. Anonymous8:05 PM

    So that's why I can never get under 10stone...I think I may have gained my 5lb during the Goth years!
    The Neighbour

  5. i am thinking the older we get the more we use to make ourselves look like we have nothing but a youthful natural look...and i have found the more i have to use the worse my skin has become..this has made very interesting reading for me and would probably explain why my skin is such a problem area...

  6. I know what you mean Tif - it takes me a good 20 minutes to make myself look 'well' these days.
    Trouble is as age starts to show on our pretty faces desperation kicks in and 'miracle' creams and regimes become very appealing.

  7. Oh Lynn - DON'T get me started! hahaha

    At the shop, we've had our share of people who argue with us over the sale of aluminum pans. They claim that cooking in an aluminum pan is hazardous to their health.

    BUT... I wonder how many of those same people use deodorant for their underarms... MOST deodorants have aluminum in them... all being absorbed into the skin on a near 24-hour daily basis.

    Also, if I DIDN't wear makeup, I'd LOOK sick. My health is fine and dandy, so I'll keep on wearing makeup thank you! heehee


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