Monday, June 4

Don’t Play with Matches!

unless of course they look like these…
I confiscated them from Stella this morning and I will struggle to give them back as they are gorgeous, dinky and practical.

Stella got the idea from a Cath Kidston book- simplicity itself I think they are wonderful.

This morning I popped into the garden to see what was looking photogenic... there was a lovely little bumble bee but it kept moving..

I am particularly pleased with this photo of my verbena

I don't know what this is called - the 'golden' foliage means its days are numbered, but the bees love it


  1. i can totally see why you had to confiscate those matches...i would have felt compelled to do the same...and three cheers for Cath Kidston, when i see her things over here in the states, i swell with pride to know that yet again the 'Brits' have produced a "credit to their country"...and launched them successfully on the world...
    off to hum the national anthem while sewing...

  2. thats just lovely ....

  3. Love the matches! I remember when I was about 7 making a matchbox into a house with felt when I was in Brownies... I love little boxes & I can feel a fiddle coming on...

  4. What beautiful matchbooks!

  5. I made match boxes like these as Christmas presents for grandads every year until I was about 12 - well that isn't true they were not as nice or well made but the idea was there. My favourite was a green felt with red ric-rac one.

    I also made the matchbox house Angelgem - those 1970s craft magazines are fantastic. Now hardlty anyone I know smokes so there aren't as many boxes lying about.

    I find that Cath Kidston's actual books are inspiring but I tend to find most designs that actually make it into the shop quite insipid (and in the past 2 years not of the same quality). Heresy!

    I always thing "golden" plants look a little ill.

  6. Hi ya, i along with you have been tagged by the rather "barking mad" dottie angel! for that reason i like her, that and because she makes fabulous bags...anyway i am waiting for yours to be posted first, can't wait to see how you will play this one! Everyone will think i am a big fat moo cow! even if for no other reason than i really dislike C/K i just do not get it!!! waiting patiently stephne x

  7. I have the urge to go and cover my matchboxes ~ those are fabulous!

  8. Funny that you show those match boxes as I popped into Cath Kidston yesterday for a look and she is now selling decorated match boxes. The thing is though that the pattern is just printed on the boxes so they are no where near as nice as yours and they were quite pricey too. I can't remember how much but can remember thinking " crikey, not spending that much on a box of matches, not when I could cover a plain box myself!' I do find it funny that she gives all these ideas in her books then sells the product in her shop for a silly price. Anyway, I think what Stella has created are far nicer and cuter than Caths!

  9. Your yellow-leaf plant is a spiraea and that's how it's supposed to look!

    Love the matchboxes. I don't think you should give them back!


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