Tuesday, June 5

Defining Interesting.

I’ve been tagged by Tif. Strictly speaking this has happened before – but I shall try and pull a few more fascinating facts about myself!
I guess it’s all rather subjective – what constitutes interesting. The things I find interesting about people could be considered dull to others. I find it fascinating to discover what makes people ‘tick’, it’s not always the obvious. What I think about myself is probably not how others think of me. I have great difficulty describing myself - what do you do? is a question that puts the fear of God in me. I hate to be pigeon holed by others so I especially don't want to do it to myself!
With that in mind here are a few more facts about me that you may or may not find interesting.
• In my last tag I told you I had been named after the midwife( Anneke) and gynaecologist (Lynn) who delivered me – after I was born my mother couldn’t afford a cot so apparently I slept in a drawer. I rather like this fact and think there should be more children put into furniture and tidied away.
• My maternal grandparents were cousins – this explains a lot of things
• Florence Hope – the name Stella and I use is the combined names of our respective grandmothers
• I never believed in love at first sight until I met my late pussy cat Mimi – I went to a house where a CPL lady was fostering cats and she had shown me a lovely mummy cat with one of her kittens that had to be homed together and my husband had said that I wasn’t allowed to come home with more than one cat….for once I did what he said so the lady left the room and returned with Mimi in her arms – that was it, she was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen and she looked at me and I knew we were meant to be together…..when she was being put to sleep years later she turned at looked at me – it broke my heart.
• I say this modestly but I have great practical intelligence. I guess I am a true artisan. I like to be shown how to do something rather than follow instructions from a book,I love doing things with my hands. Even being riddled with arthritis doesn’t stop me wanting to fiddle with bits and pieces all the time.
• Latin fascinates me. I would love to be able to go to classes and study it.
• I am definitely a ‘winter’ person – heat and sun depress me.
Well I hope that is enough for you. Sorry no photos today.


  1. You couldn't be pigeon holed Lynn as you really are unique!

    Have just read your post over breakfast and learnt a few new things about you. Some of it made me laugh out loud, much to Trumpet's surprise who was sitting on my knee at the time (I now have claw marks!). The paragragh about Mimi produced a couple of tears. I remember that day. Funny how one minute you can be laughing and the next, crying.
    Anyway, I miss your uniqueness everyday.

  2. we are all unique Alison! I wish young people would be encouraged to show their uniqueness more rather than be one of the crowd.
    Sorry about your knees!:)Naughty Trumpet

  3. i laughed, i cried and then i wished i had some drawers big enough to fit my kids in...

    i am a huge creature lover, sadly we are down from our eight to six now...when the bearded dragon died last year (he was named 'Stig' after Stig of the Dump) i wept for a whole week...it is possible for even a humble lizard to have a personality. i personally like creatures because they don't talk back unlike humans..

  4. The only time I slept in a drawer was after my cot blew off the roofrack halfway to a family holiday - my parents claim that my first words were "I'm tuck",


  5. i prefer the company of animals to humans which explains why i spend a large part of my morning blogging with a dog by my side and a cat on the back of my chair. Saying goodbye to them is too hard for me even to think about and is part of the reason why i do not work at the vets anymore.
    as for the kids in furniture thing - if i had any i would follow your parents advice - dual purpose furniture is the way forward if we all want to live a greener life.
    Tracy - the girl with "bad" hair x

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I was bathed in the sink as a small child....my parents were northern, I belive this is why!!
    The Germ Ridden Neighbour

  7. I used to be washed in the kichen sink for some reason.


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