Monday, August 20

After Cats

Today Harry had his hair cut.

Before (note tail almost between his legs)

Scooby - an after ( another client)

After - Harry now camera shy.


  1. Harry looks very smart with his short back & sides! We've never had Silas clipped. He does look rather magnificent with his feathery coat and bushy long tail but the down side is the amount of his hair that we are constantly sweeping/hoovering up! Does Harry like going to the hairdressers? I'm not sure we'd even get Silas through the door!
    Love Al x

  2. Harry likes visiting the hairdressers in theory, but I know he doesn't like being 'done' However the dog groomer says he is a little angel - which is probably the only time in his life he is!
    Hair? I have it everywhere, although it was worse when we had our dear departed cat. Between them I was always knee deep in the stuff.
    I think we all need to see Silas.Does he have short legs?

  3. No his legs aren't really very short. He has a wonderful waggy tail as he hasn't had it docked. Actually he looks very like Harry -they could be brothers! I'll ask Gins if she could put some pictures of him up on her blog. I'm a bit like Stella - enjoy reading everyones blogs and love making the odd comment but a bit too lazy to do my own! (Sorry Stella if that's not true)
    Al x

  4. He looks very smart! :o)

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM

    But its winter already!!!!!
    The neighbour

  6. it feels like winter!
    If he gets cold I will knit him a jumper:)


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