Sunday, August 19

Tales of Cats

Ginger Cat Tales
is one of the most amazing blogs I have ever come across. The photos are, if you are a cat lover, quite wonderful. I almost cried on several occasions while I was going through all the old posts; the photos of the cats and dog are so touching. Please look even if you aren’t much of a cat person as I’m sure the pictures will sway you.
The plaster is almost dry so I can start painting the fireplace. I stupidly touched up the fire surround and now I’m going to have to paint it all over as it shows where I’ve touched up.


  1. oh lynn...i love those cats! what beautiful photos. it's so amazing to see cats out & about in that scenery. our poor bosco just gets to pose on our fence. how he'd love a dry stone wall : )

    thanks so much for sharing. just forwarded it on to my mum who is cat mad!

    hope you had a good weekend, xx

  2. Dear Lynn,I think the fire surround looks great. Can't wait to see the woodstove part.I have one and I just love it! My two Siamese cats lay under it on the slate once it warms up.They look like a pair of rag dolls.Thanks for sharing the ginger cats blog.Keep us posted on the progress of the stove.P.S. Those little cakes look yummy! Susan

  3. hello, just catching up with your blog. we love wood stoves too!! my husband has a few of them, one in the shed etc etc. hope you enjoy yours once you get it installed.

    annie x


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