Sunday, September 2

Home Improvement Saturday

I love having home improvements and yesterday lots of things were sorted by Stella’s very capable brother.
First the pergola was erected in what seemed only a few minutes. It was originally Stella’s but when she had a conservatory built (for her cat) she very kindly donated it to me. I am so delighted it is finally up – all I have to do now is work out what plants I will grow around it.

A few weeks back I fell in love with this peg bag from Homespun Living. I love the fabric and Debbie's workman ship is absolutely wonderful ( have a look at her blog - her pantry photos will have you drooling).

I doubt if pegs will ever find their way inside but it looks lovely on my peg rail.

New door furniture for the lean-too - this has made me a happy bunny.


  1. I'm jealous I've been "contemplating" a pergola for years now and just never made the decision to go ahead. But even if I had I just know it wouldn't have happened on one Saturday our "improvements" always seem to hit problems.

  2. Clever Stella's brother. Some blokes make home improvements seem so easy don't they? It looks fab, just imagine sitting beneath it next summer with climbing plants spreading over it...lovely.

  3. LOVE the pergola. Lucky you!

  4. Hi Lynn, I don't recommend you use ivy, you will be forever trimming it back, we had that trouble and were forever going up the tip, and to get rid of it John had the arduous job of digging out the roots. Now we have got winter flowering clematis, no flowers in the summer but it flowers its socks off in the winter, only small cream coloured ones, but a welcome sight when not much else is happening in the garden.

  5. Pergola looks good, colour is nice in situ and the cat's worth it!!!

  6. I love the pergola and the peg bag, too. I'm honored that you posted a link to my blog. Have fun decorating the pergola!

  7. Very nice and will look even nicer with the plants growing over it.

    It will create a lovely place fro you to sit and relax.

    Loev Ax

  8. I love the colour of the pergola. Yes, it is really nice when you can add pretty little touches to your home. I adore your peg rail too.

  9. Thank you so much for all your pergola love.
    I am getting to the stage where finally I can enjoy adding the finishing touches to certain parts of my house after what seems years of being preoccupied by drains, plaster and boilers!
    Great tip about winter interest Louise, thanks.
    The peg rail by the way is very cheap - a standard DIY shop purchase - definately under £12

  10. I would have thought that Stella's cat would have liked the pergola to be reinstated in the conservatory.
    Pretty peg bag.


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