Wednesday, October 10


I was woken up this morning by my plumber Mr R or as I like to refer to him the Scarlet Pimpernel. He brought the best news with him – I could use my central heating (I currently have 2 radiators missing (presumed dead))After a bit of plumbing talk which I never tire of he left with promises of a return visit and I took Harry out with a spring in my step….

On my return I gave ‘baby’ a good clean (cleaning tar from the window, removed ash and Hoovered and even cleaned the harth floor with Jif) and started photographing and listing Florence Hope’s latest creations on to Etsy.

Maybe it was a rush of blood to the head due to the house being warm but I started tidying my sewing nook….I have decided that it is probably a good idea to know where ‘stuff’ is….however I ended up playing with my vintage threads and my buttons….
Now as I write this I am half watching Sherlock Holmes – the late Ian Richardson is Holmes and he is very good.... I'm having a perfect day


  1. yours is cleaner than mine ; )

    glad that you've got the house warmed up...sounds like a really perfect day to me...buttons + pottering + sherlock! off over to etsy to see the new creations xxx

  2. You could eat your dinner off that stove!

    I like a pottering day, bit of this bit of that. Lovely brooches.

  3. Fab fire, I just wish they didn't gobble wood up so fast, I'm thinking our fire is quickly becoming a threat to the local tree population. Squirrels have started to give me threatening looks now, when I'm out collecting kindleling.
    But I can see you have had a super day I can tell by your wonderful creations...stunning as always.
    Lynn xx

  4. My day would have been perfect if I could have watched Sherlock Holmes.

  5. It is so fabulous snuggling up by a warm fire with a good book. You must be looking forward to winter with your new 'baby.' The brooches are gorgeous! The weekend is coming and I can't wait.

  6. The stove and the goodies look fab - and Sherlock Holmes!!! Perfect! Did you like Murder Rooms with Ian Richardson - they were brilliant

  7. Pleased to hear you use Cif for all your autumn cleaning, my mum bought it when it first came out, Jif instead of that scratchy Vim or Ajax, remember those? I can't do without it, I always buy the original in the white bottle as I love the smell.

  8. Well done, such a lovely clean wood burner! sound like you had a perfect afternoon.
    Oh, and thanks for the spider tip!

  9. Sherlock Holmes is hubby's fav! We even went to "221B" near Marylebone on a trip to London. He bought a Sherlock Holmes mug there and still uses it each evening for his tea (even with three big chips on the lip of the mug).

    I LOVE your Florence Hope treasures. I am still enjoying my egg cozy.

  10. totally and utterly jealous of that stove!

    Love the brooches too!


  11. OMG I love these!!!


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