Saturday, November 24

Brighton Craft Fair

Yesterday Stella and I visited the Brighton Craft Fair.

I don’t think I have ever seen so much talent under one roof – beautiful, original, quirky it was all there in jewellery, ceramic and textile form.
We had a truly wonderful time drinking in this visual feast and also taking the opportunity meeting and chatting with the artists about their work – which was really, really fascinating.
I showed tremendous restraint – I did…..however I indulged myself with this exquisite Sarah Grove vase.

Yes there is button detailing

And on the rear

And last but not least....


  1. I love buttons, that vase is so fab!

  2. I think the mark of a wonderful piece of craft work in in the detail in areas not normally seen on display. Those dear little "feet" on the bottom are just perfect. What a lovely treasure to have.

  3. Oooh I just realised I am a link on your page! How exciting!

  4. Hi Lynn, Stella mentioned you were going to the craft fair, it sounds terrific. John and I were in Brighton that day for a different reason, but I noticed the sign and thought of you both. How nice to find something you really like to bring home with you too. x

  5. what a beauty! you'll be so pleased in years to come that you treated yourself. sounds like it was an inspirational day out...would have loved to go too! x

  6. well i can see why you indulged yourself...what a fine vase and of course the button details are lovely. i always get a pang of anquish when i hear about the lovely craft fairs that are going on in the UK, there is so much exciting talent emerging...for now i shall have to be content with just reading about it :)

  7. gosh - I can see why....lovely. It's so hard to choose just one thing when there are so many beautiful items at these craft fairs. Well done for being so restrained!

  8. At last a funky craft fair!!! Thanks for letting us know about it. Must go to the next one :-)


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