Tuesday, November 27

Unproductive Tuesday

I am having a rather unproductive day really, although it has improved with my husband bringing home a bottle of Stone's Ginger Wine.
On Sunday I popped into Laura Ashley thinking I wouldn't find anything I liked.....mistake.

In my (half hearted) efforts to tidy my sewing nook I bought a set of 2 plastic woven boxes. As you see from the photo there was a 3 for 2 offer so I succumbed.

I think I will lure Stella into helping me organise - I don't think she will be able to resist the thought of tidying things into these cute and colourful boxes.....

A few pictures of my sewing nook....

I did put a few things on Etsy....this is one of them, another Susie Flower felt corsage.

I want tomorrow to be a lovely sunny day and I might put a few more things on...


  1. this dreary weather does nothing for the productivity levels...sadly i've been flat out at the post office today so no sewing time for me. your little nook looks lovely with your new things...i'm v jealous! your susie corsages are so sweet. what's the beaded close up? off to investigate etsy : ) happy tuesday xx

  2. I'm loving those boxes, and the pictures of your sewing nook.

    I refuse to believe that anyone would want to help you tidy up though .... are you sure that's not just wishful thinking on your part?


  3. Ginger Wine..mmm... delicious, though I think Crabbies version is even better. Love those boxes!

  4. I quite like this weather, I am less likely to play truant and go for a walk. :) Wish you hadn't mentioned the ginger wine though, I could really fancy a glass now...
    Dear little sewing nook, and lovely corsage!

  5. I'm thinking that ginger wine might help me shed this cold . . .worth a try?
    My Mum likes to help me tidy up but gets a bit exasperated when it all gets muddled again

  6. Thankyou so much for the book and card, I was so excited, it's a fantastic book! ooh and thanks to Harry too!
    I love your letters; "SEW", I see you have been very busy! And also another person who can't resist a bargain! x x x x ;)

  7. Lynn, it may be my maths but if you bought 3 for 2, how come you have 4 boxes, did you buy one extra? I love Stones Ginger Wine, mum always used to buy a bottle at Christmas. I don't think your wish for a sunny day has come true, it is abysmal. x

  8. I adore your felt corsages! Looking forward to seeing more of them in your Etsy shop. If you have a red and black one, I'd really like to buy it x

    (I think I saw you at Sarah's craft fair in Worthing, either that, or someone wearing one of your corsages...?)

  9. The Laura Ashley boxes come in 2's so I ended up with 6! but I have used them all and things are looking greatly improved in my sewing nook.
    The beaded something is an old felt flower - one of my first actually and an old favourite I am upgrading.
    Stella very often sorts me out with a blast of tidying and organising ....or trying too - she's very kind like that.

  10. love seeing a few pics of things that surround you as you craft your magic...

  11. love the cup and the sweet embroidery thread....x


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