Thursday, November 29

Not Buckles

Apart from having a very uncomfortable knee I have thoroughly enjoyed my day.
Harry and I went for walkies just after it had stopped raining which was very pleasant, returning home for porridge and a spot of sewing.
The sun came out and my camera enabling me to pop some more Florence Hope on to Etsy.
This would have been enough pleasantness for one day but then the mother load arrived in the post…

He is just exquisite coming from the mistress of monkees – Monkee Maker.

Don’t have a name yet but he might be a Darcy.

He is very cheerful – the only problem is Harry wants to KILL him!!


  1. or what about calling him colin in homage to colin firth. i can't seem to get the image of mr. darcy emerging wet from the lake, out of my head!, thats enough to make your knees buckle ; )

  2. He is lovely, reminds me of a boy I once knew who came from Skelmersdale!

  3. Not whats his face?

  4. colin, oh yes that is just perfect...the last picture in particular makes me feel like he is a colin :)

  5. That is one fine monkey - though he seems a bit more Carmen Miranda than Colin in your photos,

  6. Mmm, yeah, sure, he's great .... but could you just tweak his ears back a bit??

    Control freak? Me??


  7. Oooo! I love him and the flowers! Haha! These photos have such character in them! :)

  8. These knits are very clever. I am surprised you took on another mischief maker at this time of year though, I hope he doesn't swing off the christmas tree and chew all the baubles? x

  9. I can hear you talking to him through the wall. The Neighbour.

  10. No, that was me shouting at Nigel.
    Colin has been eaves dropping on you - all I can say it's a good job monkeys can't talk;-)

    Monkee mother - I've had a tweak with his ears but he says (through telepathy) that now he lives by the sea he wants to adopt a more casual approach to his appearance rather like his new mummy......

    Louise - rather than make mischief I can tell you Colin just wants to help I write this he is picking fluff out of my sewing machine ( a perfect monkee task)

  11. colin (preferably firth!) can come and pick the fluff out of my sewing machine any time ; )

    i'm going to have to save my pocket money and get myself one of those little monkeys aren't i?!!

  12. Ah! How adorable! His face reminds me of Grommit!

  13. is harry jealous of your monkee love? x


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