Wednesday, December 5

3rd Time Lucky

I keep deleting my posts by mistake.
Stella and I visited a local craft fair this morning.
I bought various knitted items for pennies.
I am not sure how the lady who was selling could do make any money.
I kind of feel guilty now, I shouldn't but I do.
I haven't taken Harry out for a walk - I should feel guilty but I don't.

Fingerless gloves knitted in Noro - £3.00 Hand felted flower £4.00

scarf - £4.00

Another scarf -£3.00

Colin - relaxing.


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Adore the £4 scarf - £4 can't believe the price.
    Willow House

  2. Ah, yes. I train my monkees well :)

    OH MY GOD I can't believe the price of those goodies you bought!! You know you could have bought some for all of us and made yourself a nice little earner in the process .....

  3. You couldn't buy the yarn (or the time) for those prices! There is a local craftsperson here that knits little fingerpuppets with amazing detail and sells them for $2.50 each (about 1 pound). She must really enjoy making them because there wouldn't be a profit in it. I feel guilty (or maybe frustrated) cause there is so little time before Christmas to make some presents myself. Never mind! No use worrying. Happy Christmas build up! XXXXXX

  4. Gosh, lovely bargains. I always feel guilty (for a bit) when I buy things like this. Especially the little baby cardies with intricate detailing that must have taken ages (our hospital stall regularly sells them for £2). I guess the people that make them really love doing it and the money is secondary? We hope!

  5. Forgot to say that my Harry hasn't had a walk for 2 days and I don't feel guilty (oh I'm mean!). He doesn't seem too bothered stretched out on the sofa!

  6. Delightful items, and the prices... wow! You've come out a winner for sure!

  7. What incredible prices, love the mittens!

  8. I can't believe what you paid for your beautiful knitted goodies!! I can't even see how she could have covered the cost of the yarn.

    Colin - suits him!! Ruby monkee says hi handsome!!!

  9. What super bargains, but don't feel guilty, those ladies were probably thrilled you loved their work enough to buy it, though next time it will probably have gone's nice to have good days.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  10. Lynn, you or Stella will have to let me know when that craft fair is on next year, I love those scarves, they are real bargains. I see Colin is being a little monkey already! x

  11. the fingerless gloves are my fave...a lot like the bargain ones i have. don't feel guilty because it's great how much you appreciate the time + skill it took the lady to make them : ) supporting local craft fairs is wondeful.

    colin is adorable by the way! x

  12. Great scarfs! I've been working on some my own lately! :) I love your color choices!

  13. yep you are right, doesn't even pay the yarn let alone the time involved...lovely crafted itmes...and lovely colin....


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