Tuesday, December 11

Another Pleasant Day

I guess I should be panicking about procuring a turkey for Christmas dinner but I’m not.
Stella and I nipped into M&S this afternoon after going to see The Golden Compass and she bought a turkey crown from France…..in previous years any attempts at having an easy time in the kitchen by buying such a thing has been thwarted by a sulking husband claiming the lack of turkey legs would be tantamount to mental cruelty…..this year with Waitrose being devoid of organic turkeys my husband is singing from a different page…..

To be perfectly honest my promotion of buying a nice big juicy organic chicken instead is falling on deaf ears; if I had my way, well I never get my way at Christmas I’d be in Sweden or a remote Scottish Isle away from it all supping on a tin of tomato soup and being very happy not spending my days cooking food that doesn’t suit my simple tastes and having to interact with friends and family – miserable bitch aren’t I?
I’m not really but I wish Christmas began on Christmas Eve and ended on Boxing Day.

Just before Stella was due to pick me up I took Harry out for his walkies. We met another doggie walker who had 2 very lively shitzu’s.
I do love most dogs but there are some that for certain reasons I’m not so keen on…. There is no delicate way of saying this but some dogs need to have their bottoms wiped and so when one of these cute little dogs sat on the bottom of my trouser leg and foot I joked about hoping he had a clean bottom – prophetic words… he didn’t….and there was me about to be picked up by Mrs Clean.
I actually found it amusing, but wonder why on earth anyone would want such a dog in their house.


  1. i am not going to comment on your 'turkey dilemma'...however i do request you to please tell me what you thought to the golden compass...it is ear marked for our traditional christmas eve treat...every christmas eve since crossing the pond and being without relatives to occupy our 'christmas eve' evening we have gone to the movies to pass away the hours before bedtime...do you think it was any good, i have heard mixed reviews...

    don't you think it rather apt that a 'shitzu' puts shit on your shoes :)

    tee hee, Tif

  2. I had to laugh at the dirty dog bottom story! I couldn't stand having dog "stamps" on my carpet, furniture etc. Utterly repulsive. Maybe those ridiculous dog outfits (that I'm sure Harry would turn his stylish nose up at) are actually disguising a lack of doggy hygiene.
    Having grown up in a chicken house myself, I have little knowledge of turkeys. Tell me, what is a turkey crown? Sadly, the only turkeys I have had on my plate have been cooked by people who are unfamiliar with the joys of seasoning, and believe it is done when every drop of moisture has thoroughly evaporated. Oh, and that it should be served with peas verging on grey in colour and roasted potatoes that are greasy and crunchless. One day I may just attempt to right the terrible wrongs that have been inflicted upon the poor creatures that gave their lives in order to feed a bunch of people who say "yum" but really mean "thank goodness Christmas is at someone elses house next year." Gosh, I am raving on tonight! XXX

  3. Absoluetely. WHY would you have a dog like that. I must say I like what I call 'proper' dogs, and am not really fond of little fluffy lap dogs, most of the ones I have met are too needy and fussy. I have children for that!!
    Hope I'm not going to make too many cutesy dog loving enemies...........

  4. oh that's horrible! but in a funny way : ) bosco is disgusted!

    sounds like you had a nice day. i'd like to see that film too but can't seem to squeeze in a trip to the pictures lately...such a gorgeously sunny frosty day outside and i'm indoors chained to the sewing machine! i'm consoling myself with some blog reading + mince pies + caffeinated coffee! naughty.

    christmas food? turkey's not my fave i have to say but i love all the veggies + cranberry sauce. yum. xxx

  5. ah the joys of a sparkling clean whippet bum!!
    not only do they not have the back end problem but they do not moult all over your furniture, dry within minutes of being wet so have virtually no doggy smell, but they are cute to boot.....
    can you tell i am after a whippy pup?

    no fish or fowl in this house for christmas - so never really a stressful cooking time
    more worried about squeezing in enough tins of chocs x
    tracy x

  6. Hi Lynn I have nominated you for a blog award, I know how busy you must be... please visit me to scan your award and name 7 random facts about yourself please. Lots of
    Hugs Lynn.

  7. I have a Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu cross and didnt know about them getting mucky backsides before I got him, it can be a real problem if you let their fur grow too long, as I found out rather quickly! Have to say, he's not a lapdog either but he does have a great personality, like all our dogs x

  8. Isn't it nice to be a smug springer owner? My boy has impeccable toilet habits! No worries there if he tries to sit on you. He did however try to wee on a little dog recently but ended up weeing down the owners leg! Luckily it was someone I knew well but I was mortified on both counts. Regarding the sad affair of the Waitrose organic turkeys (as a partner in the know)it's been a terrible month for the suppliers. Obviously, all the Organic turkeys have been withdrawn which will hurt the very farmers that care the most. The free range ones have been re-introduced and are very good and are very carefully selected. Alternatively, you could have a goose or a ham or dressed salmon. Look in the waitrose entertaining catalogue but take heed, it has to be ordered by the 15th! Gosh I sound like a one man advertising campaign! You can tell they are a good company to work for can't you?
    Al x

  9. Anonymous12:46 PM

    If I promise not to wipe my bum on your sofa can we still come over for christmas drinks?
    The neighbour. x

  10. Anonymous12:47 PM

    P.S There's nothing a good nut roast couldn't do to solve your chicken/Turkey dilema.....did I hear Nigel pass out?

  11. I wouldn't worry about the 'turkey dilemma' ~ it you buy a whole one, you'll be eating it for weeks! As you say that you would prefer Christmas to be over by Boxing Day, you are probably better off with a turkey crown ~ and you can't go wrong with M & S.

    How I miss the M & S food hall! It was a sad day here when they decided to close.

    I'm curious to know what you thought of The Golden Compass. Having read the trilogy, I am keen to see the film, but suspect that I will have to go on my own.

    I found your lovely blog from a comment you left at Snapdragon.

    Marie x

  12. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Turkey crowns or saddles as we used to call them are brilliant. You don't have to get the bird in the oven at 8 in the morning it's just like cooking a normal roast and you don't end up throwing away all those leftovers.
    willow house

  13. Miss Maddie's10:56 PM

    Just a little note to find out if you're putting that woodstove to good use?
    I do a couple of cornish hens for Christmas dinner.One for each of us. A little organic rice and sage stuffing. We eat half and save half to pick at the next day.(I do not cook on the 26th it is my birthday)
    I have a Shitzu-yorkie mix.That's what baby wipes are for!
    Wishing you and yours a joyful Holiday!

  14. I feel exactly the same about Christmas, so you are not alone - but we do have chicken, as it is what we like best.

    That is one of many reasons why I have cats not dogs...they come with ready made, self using loo roll (their tongues!)

    A happy turkey-legged Christmas to you :)


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